Monday, January 7, 2013

3 Companies That Could Change The Way We Use Water

From pulling water from fog to saving fuel used to boil water, these companies are the finalists of a contest to change the way we use our most precious resource.

It's impossible to overstate the value of water. Without it, we'd be dead. And yet, 69% of Americans polled in a recent survey from Xylem say they take clean water for granted. Only 29% believe water infrastructure issues will seriously affect them. But now that water shortages are increasing in frequency and the importance of having clean water is coming to the forefront, there are a slew of companies working on water innovations. Every year, water nonprofit Imagine H2O holds a business plan competition for companies working to solve the water crisis. This year's crop of 10 finalists are all working on consumer-facing products. Below, we look at our favorites.

NBD Nanotechnologies

This nanotechnology and biomimicry company does something that sounds impossible on the surface: collecting water from air. NBD doesn't go into too much detail on how its Namib Beetle-inspired technology works, but the company's website explains that it "makes use of a nano-scale surface to enhance water condensation." The Namib Beetle works by grabbing water from fog with the help of the wind, which pushes moisture into its back until droplets emerge.

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