Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raw video showing the earth's power during the recent Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

In the rush to cover information about the nuclear meltdown disaster following Japans recent earthquake and Tsunami, it's easy to forget about the other disaster there. The vast and widespread devastation caused by the Tsunami, many fishing villages wiped away, etc. The 10+ thousands dead were from the Tsunami, not from the nuclear accident (those deaths remain in our future).

The video below was filmed by someone on top of a building next to a river in Japan. It shows in essence a reverse flood, where the ocean rose and became a flood. The devastation is amazing beginning first with cars tumbling around like toys, but as the water rose and rose buildings were knocked off their foundation and tossed around. A warehouse on the water was pushed off its foundation and shoved up against the building next to it, the building disintegrating and the contents (boxes) tumbling out into the water. Later another larger building eventually succumbed to the water and also fell off its foundation crumbling into the water.

As I wrote earlier (Higher Purpose: Japans earthquake and nuclear crisis asks us what we really want) -- "We" build stuff, towns and highways and nuclear plants, then the planet yawns and stretches and destroys those things. By having those things taken away from us, it presents an opportunity to take a step back and look from a broader perspective. Are those things we really want anyway? Is the cost of having those things greater than the benefit we get from them? Is there a better place to put those things than a spot that's prone to earthquakes?

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