Tuesday, April 28, 2009



We believe that together, by using our voices and being socially and environmentally responsible, we will be a meaningful force for the good of the planet, it’s people, and all the life which it sustains. We celebrate how we are all connected yet unique and embrace technology that empowers our community to create art and share ideas, further amplifying our connectedness.

WeEarth is a network of resources enabling us to explore our connectedness with each other and with our changing world. We aim to inspire our community to connect, learn, and grow. We encourage socially and environmentally responsible living.

A World-Wide Social Network – The network has all sorts of tools to enable people around the world to connect and share ideas, develop them and collaborate, and to learn and grow as individuals.

A Diverse and inspiring Web-Zine – The web-zine will produce and gather interesting, insightful, and inspiring stories and articles. We even have a ‘blogger-supported’ section made to give dedicated bloggers more exposure.

An Enviro-minded E-Store – The E-store will only host environmentally and socially responsible products making it easier for our community participate in a responsible and sustainable economy. We especially want to support artists and crafters by giving them a wider audience and better chance to share their work.


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