Friday, June 13, 2008

"All hands on Deck"

"How it all Ends" is an astonishingly great video series studying the climate change debate. It was put together by a high school science teacher, a truly excellent high school science teacher, using the props he had available in his classroom. He comes to a very interesting proposition that sidesteps most of the climate change debate. It's an logicians method, actually Pascal's Wager, that sets of a decision grid to help answer really tough problems. In the climate change debate there are multiple points of view and the naysayers have been able to create enough doubt that the population is frozen in indecision. But using Pascal's Wager this high school science teacher is able to show a way round the indecision, namely to say a) there are a ton of credible scientists who have put their reputations on the line saying man-made-climate-change is a huge problem, and b) the consequences of inaction look to be horrifying.

Anyway the videos caught the attention of a book publisher and now he's expected to create a book out of the material.

"All hands on Deck" is a call for volunteers to help collect the book material ...

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