Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Climate Atlas

Here is the only online climate atlas. It has been designed by the chief mapmaker for Environmental Defense Fund. Amazing information!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Deep Green Resistance


The ideas behind Deep Green Resistance are confrontational, focusing on direct action to damage/bring down the dominant and destructive societal systems.

"We are profoundly grieved and enraged at the destruction of our planet and at all systems of human oppression. We are passionate about creating a world based on mutual aid, love, justice, and connection to the living world. We want to understand the roots of the dominant culture in order to most effectively end it."


Saturday, May 3, 2008



Serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more. Content is created and edited by people like you.