Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Activist Training (EAT)


Earth Activist Training (EAT) weaves the principles of permaculture, earth-based spirituality, and regenerative activism into a captivating curriculum that blends classroom lecture and experiential exercises with practical, hands-on learning opportunities.

Start with permaculture as the foundation. "Permaculture" is regenerative design: a set of ethics, principles, and practices that create beneficial relationships and whole systems. Permacuture meets human needs sustainably and heals damaged natural systems. Permaculture works with nature, or rather, teaches us to "work as nature working."

EAT began in late 2000 when author and activist Starhawk and permaculture designer and master teacher Penny Livingston-Stark asked some new questions: "What can permaculturalists and activists learn from each other that would make each more effective? What skills do people need to know in order to really 'save the planet'? How can we teach these skills in ways that ripple out to others?" Penny and Starhawk combined their many years of knowledge and created the first Earth Activist Training, held the following spring. EAT took root and flourished.


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