Friday, September 1, 2006

Envirofacts Master Chemical Indicator


Envirofacts contains chemical data from several different program system databases: the Aerometric Information Retrieval System, the Permit Compliance System, and the Toxics Release Inventory System. The Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator (EMCI) identifies the chemicals in these systems. Using this integrator, you can learn details about a chemical substance, such as chemical names, discharge limits, and reported releases without knowing how the chemical is identified in the various program office systems throughout the Envirofacts database. The Chemical Query lets you obtain the acronyms, chemical identification numbers, and chemical names reported in the Envirofacts databases. You may also learn if the chemical is included in other groups, or composed of other chemical components. Additionally, you can get chemical information from the Toxic Releases Query, the Air Releases Query, and the Water Discharge Permits Query. You can also search our chemical reference information to learn more about the chemicals monitored by these databases.

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