Friday, February 24, 2006

Ultra motors display electric vehicles, launch later this year .:. NewKerala - India's Top Online Newspaper

Why is it that India has multiple companies building electric vehicles, and in the U.S. it's so difficult to find any for purchase?

Ultra motors display electric vehicles, launch later this year discusses a new company which has developed both a two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicles. The three-wheeler is for demonstration, runs at 50 km per hour carrying a load of 500kg for 100km on single charge, and shows that the technology is not only affordable, clean and quiet but that it is scalable to heavy-duty applications.

In India the phrase "two-wheeler" means a motorcycle or scooter. The phrase "three-wheeler" is a sort of vehicle which doesn't exist in the U.S. I have a picture in an earlier article about plans by Mahindra (another Indian car company) to produce electric three-wheelers.

Ultra Motors is an English company. It's possible their plans are for offshored production in India and to distribute the vehicles worldwide. At the speeds quoted above, the three-wheeler is suitable only for congested urban areas (of which India has many).

Oooohh... this is more interesting than I thought as they've developed a nice hub motor.

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