Sunday, July 10, 2005

Solar parking lot @ Kyocera in San Diego

There's a lot of space in this world which could be used for solar panel systems. They don't have to be installed way out in the desert, but can be installed right here in town. e.g. Parking lots and rooftops represent land area ripe for use as photovoltaic energy systems.

KYOCERA Inaugurates First-Ever Solar Grove, Unleashing "Power of the Sun" for Parking Facilities "Solar Trees" Convert Parking Lot into 235-Kilowatt Solar Electric Generating System

Kyocera Solar makes solar panels, and has set up a system in their parking lot that produces 235 KW's. They call it "solar trees" and it serves a dual purpose. First is of course electricity production, and second is providing shade to cars parked in the parking lot.

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